Age of Ships II

, miércoles, septiembre 22, 2021

» Not through speeches and majority decisions will the great questions of the day be decided—that was the great mistake of 1848 and 1849—but by iron and blood »
Join us to the hardcore naval battles and decide what’s left by iron and blood!

★6 Factions. Lead your force in Real War★
Select your faction and start as a seaman. Vote for the proposed plans, fight together in factions wars, and get promoted step by step. Be careful! Your takeovers may be taken by your enemies again. Deploy your fleets wisely and it is your Age of Ships!
★Ships with Cost. formulate your best strategy★
Choose suitable ships for your fleet with limited formation cost, and enjoy extreme fun by various strategies. Be aware of the weather! It can be critical for the whole battle! Your fleet is waiting for its first sailing to the ocean.
★7 type of ship. Build up your Naval Base★
Aircraft, Battlships, Battlecruiser, Light Cruiser, Heavy Cruiser, Destroyer and submarines! 7 types of ships, hundreds of arrangement! Build your own unique invincible fleet!
★Diverse formations. Be the Maritime Overlord★
Echelon,Vee, Wedge, Herringbone…….multiple tactical formations to empower your fleet! Let’s explore the glory path to the sea!
★Ocean expedition, Hunt for epic treasure★
Sail in ocean expedition, challenge legendary fleets, and win epic treasures! Uncharted Waters, time to set sail!
★World Championship, Establish ocean Authority★
Defeat your enemies and complete 7-day Missions! Sea blockade and anti-blockade, cut off your enemies, take over islands and exploit resources to develop your fleet!
**Comment on ships in-game, get guide from players**
In-game comment system to allow players leave and view comments on ships so as to get 1st hand guide and better headstart!
★Login everyday and get diamonds, gold and all kinds of resources★
Come on, command legendary ships, formulate your strategies and explore the ocean. Let’s get back to the era of war and conquer the age of Iron and Blood!
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