JUUMP! – Fiendishly tricky and endlessly fun!


Do you have what it takes to set the world record in this super quick to learn but highly challenging to master endless arcade platformer?
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Winkel Games
June 29, 2021
6.0 and up
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Do you have what it takes to set the world record in this super quick to learn but highly challenging to master endless arcade platformer?

See for yourself as you jump, bounce and dodge through a dangerous world, but beware, JUUMP! can be insanely ADDICTIVE! Tap to jump and buckle up for an endless jumping adventure.


– Endless climbing. No joke, there’s no finish line in sight..
– Loads of spikes. Maybe a bit gratuitous, but hey, here we are.
– Very addictive, bite-sized gameplay. Perfect for passing the time while on the toilet.
– High scores to achieve, beat, rinse and repeat.
– Dozens of blobs to unlock
– Paint splats!
– Multiple ways to Juump around the environment! Three in fact. There are three ways to jump. Not bad, huh?
– No boss fights! Not a single one, so don’t fret.

What’s new!?

– New Characters & Customisation!
– Paint splats will soon mean something! (mysterious!)
– Devious TRAPS!
– Yet more Spikes!
– More ways to Die!
– Buzz saws. No, seriously!
– Music and new SFXs

Free to Play:

This endless game is completely free to play! Woo! With that said, because computers have yet to evolve far enough to make games themselves, we still need to feed, clothe and I guess, pay our developers… so we do use a wee bit of advertising to monetise the experience. Nothing too obnoxious, just the occasional ad.

«But I HATE ads!!!!»

Well you are in luck! For those who don’t have time to waste viewing loosely relevant ads, there is in-app purchase on offer for a modest fee, that removes all those immersion-killing ads from the game. You may still want to opt-in to save yourself when dying, but that’s your call!

Love the game?

JUUMP! is the first published title by Winkel Games. We love making games, and hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour! If you have any feedback or just want to say «Hi», drop us a line at [email protected] Have fun!


Hey, Juump fans! We have a big update for you!
A brand new level biome to conquer, set in a spooky castle!
We have a new fantasy-themed set of characters to collect!
We've reworked all the existing character sets to sharpen them up!
There's also a new UI and menu layout!
We have some new power-up bundles
- 10x Warp pack, which boost you to 200 from the start
- 10x Coin Doublers, which double your coins at the end of your run
- 10x Extra Life pack, which grants you another life for your run.

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