Resolute Hero RPG


Experience inflation of your character's level and incredible items.
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Geometric Applications
August 27, 2021
4.4 and up
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Experience inflation of your character’s level and incredible items.

Collect 400 different items as you fight through a huge world with 240+ unique enemies to encounter.

You can develop your character with countless combinations of massively powerful equipment:
90+ weapons to choose from
12 different types of armor slots with 180+ different total equipment options
Equip up to 5 different accessories

Experience a wide range of statistics to power up your characters: Critical Hit Rate, Critical Hit Damage, Bonus Experience, Life Regeneration, Extra Turns, Double Attacks & Double Hits (stacking), Extra stat points per level, Damage Reflection, Elemental Reduction, Elemental Amplification, Surviving Fatal Attacks, Increased Gold Drop Rate, Increased Item Drop Rate and more!


1. Adds the ability to delete slots
2. Fixes a few bugs:
- Archaeology investment won't leave you with less gold than needed
- Encountering a locked door won't also lock future doors
3. In App Purchase bonuses will carry over into all game slots
4. Some updates to Portuguese and Japanese translations (thanks to the players who contributed!)


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