Immortal Summoners – Choice of Destiny


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KYoo Games
August 12, 2021
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Code: vipgift、summonergift

The mysterious castle of Eternal Continent is being unveiled…

After constant practice, heroes comprehended a new ability–Talent

“Talent” can further enhance the hero’s abilities, whether it is HP, ATK or heal.

The strongest team shall be built by you, now make your choice of destiny!

[Game Features]

– Combinations-
6 Factions, 5 Professions,14 Talents
Hundreds of skills with many cards
Form up your strongest team !

-Convenient Idle System-
No needs of complex operations,the battle and skill casts are all automatic;
Your heroes still fight for you even if you go offline, massive rewards are waiting
for you to claim. Enjoy this fantastic adventure in your leisure time!

-Balance –
Put your TOP 6 heroes into balance circle, all other heroes will be upgraded to the same level. Easy to strengthen your new heroes!

-Strategic PVP Battles-
There are 3 arenas:Normal,Advanced,and Pinnacle. Different arena with different gameplay, fight at the PVP Arena to reach the top of the ladder and get rich rewards!!

-Hero Reset-
The hero you already strengthened can be reset,all the resources you consumed will be fully returned. Come and enhance your heroes with carefree!



New Features
1.Function Preview, where you can check the unlock conditions of each function
2.Hero Hotlist in campaign stages, where you can check the most popular heroes in stages.
3.A new pop-up function in the main interface.

Game Modification
1.Modified the main interface
2.The 50% off in the tavern was changed, now you will get free scrolls each day.
3.Advanced/Supreme sign-in will increase the number of free scroll you can get each time.

Bug Fixed
1.Fixed the bug in abyss


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