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Dear Fellow Dungeon Master and/or Adventurer,
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Gray Lake Studios
September 25, 2019
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Dear Fellow Dungeon Master and/or Adventurer,


We have recently implemented subscriptions. This gets you the following


If you have previously purchased our add-ons they will always be accessible, but new content WILL BE LOCKED.

This way we hope to establish more regular content creation. Monthly new content is in the form of:
– Props
– Background Images
– New Generators
– Custom Events
– More editing features
– More AI critters

Thanks for reading this, we hope you will enjoy the free version enough to subscribe.

WHO is it for?

= Dungeon Masters, and board game masters who design their own content
= Tabletop Roleplayers of all sorts who like making dungeons
= People who need a grid based map editor and generator

WHAT to expect?

– GENERATE endless dungeons (special recipes), and dungeon names
– EDIT them with our editor tools (paint dungeon as you wish)
– MANAGE your campaign with notes and events (traps, monsters, etc.)
– SIMULATE basic AI critters dig the dungeon for you (experimental)
– SHARE your maps with an growing community
– LOAD maps we made for you
– FURNISH your dungeon with increasing list of props

WHY is this different?

– Inspirational tool and well as a facilitator instead of a replicator of classic tabletop games.
– Most similar tools out there aim to replace tabletop elements while we try to enhance it.

WHEN will there be improvements?

– Monthly new content (if we can make it :D)
– Constant update and support
– We listen to our user feedback and follow their suggestions

WHICH games can I use this app for?

a lot: obviously D&D, any board game like dungeons and dragons, 5e, 2nd edition, advanced or 3.5, gurps, pathfinder, vampire the masquerade, some people design minecraft maps with prodnd, go figure.. Anything that is played on a grid works I suppose.

Thanks for reading so far. ProDnD is a highly controversial tool, not many people who use it get why it is the way it is. If you think you may be one of those people please be nice to us, we do not aim to take your money or annoy you with our app and ratings are really important to us.

Cheers and good games…

Erhan Turel


Deleted unused textures and reduced build size.
Replaced the outdated UI framework.
Reintroduced the manual Restore button.
Fixed a variety of UI bugs.
Read more by visiting our update log through the app.


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