Dungeon Hunters

Gather a team to defend Monster Wave! Use the abilities of various heroes to defend effectively!
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August 27, 2021
7.0 and up
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Gather a team to defend Monster Wave! Use the abilities of various heroes to defend effectively!
There are 41 heroes waiting this season. More heroes will appear next season

Increase the possibility of defense through tactical deployment. Each hero has a different way of attacking and different abilities!
Defend the physically strong hero by placing it forward. The higher the attack, the lower the physical strength.
The attacked enemies stop for a while. Place fast-attack heroes forward to prevent them from being surrounded by enemies.

Each time you defend a wave, you acquire a gold.
Gold can be used to restore a hero or hire a new one.

The deployed hero fights automatically. However, if you click the hero to match the critical hit timing, the critical hit combo will be activated.
Actively use the Fatal Strike combo. It’s going to be a pretty tough journey with a non-fatal attack!
Are you confident in game manipulation? You need a good sense of rhythm to maintain the combo.

The hero who fought the battle gets experience and level up to become stronger. The only way for a hero to be strong is to level up.
Engage several heroes evenly in battle. You’ll need other heroes to replace the tired hero.

Play against other hunters through online matching. Show us your manipulation skills and the power of your heroes! Put your name at the top of the ranking list!
It’s not a real-time battle. But the heroes you’ve deployed for battle will be fighting the others while you’re sleeping.

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It’s scheduled for next season.
* Scales Stage to 150 Levels
* Seasonal Rewards


These are the internal functions required.
# Allows applications to access external storage to store internal data.(WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE)
# Allows the application to open the network socket.(INTERNET)
# Allows applications to access vibrators.(VIBRATE)
# Allow Google Play Payment Service (BILLING)


[ Update in 27.08.2021 ]
- Added battle speed control function
- Significantly lowered the difficulty of all stages
- Added language selection function (in Option screen)
- Significantly increase the amount of heal with ads.


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